The My Kitchen Rules Effect

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My Kitchen Rules Tom Carr and Carla Mangion

Jennifer and I have been watching ‘My Kitchen Rules’ daily since it started four weeks ago and we love it.

So far we have been falling for the whole drama of the show, following those who do good and hating those that are drama queens such as Peter and Gary, Thomas and Carla. It’s amazing how the producers can make us love and hate people so much.

One thing we have noticed Continue reading »

My Cravings

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Obviously when you are pregnant, you have certain likes and dislikes about food such as tastes and smell. I thought I would share about my cravings so far during my pregnancy.

  • At 6-9 Weeks – Apple Juice, bowl of Strawberries (daily) and SkyFlakes Crackers
  • Supreme Pizzas or any pizzas that has lots of vegies on it and not much meat ..
  • At 22-present – Fresh seasonal fruits (daily), steamed vegetables (daily), salad rolls (5-7 times a week), chicken burgers, steak



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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It doesn’t sound very appealing does it? Well according to my GP I have ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’ in my right hand. For weeks now during this pregnancy, I always wake up with a dead right hand. I Googled about it weeks before and apparently it is common during pregnancy that women will develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by an increase in fluid causing swelling around Continue reading »

Twenty Four Weeks Pregnancy Progress Picture

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Thought I would update you guys, with a tummy picture.

A lot of people have been saying that I have been showing heaps more this week. But I believe I have been showing for a long time, even at end of first trimester I was showing. But it was most probably due to what I would wearing when I saw those people.

As you can see my tummy is very round. But I have not had my belly button pop and I don’t Continue reading »

Life Is Great

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Before reading on, be warned of too much information that goes into this blog post lol.

I am really loving life at the moment and I know it is only just gonna get even better. I am grateful more with my life then last couple years.

It has been hectic for the last couple of years, since moving out of home into our place in June 2009 it was awesome. Then my health got the better of me and I didn’t Continue reading »