Thirty Four Weeks Pregnant And Finishing Work This Week!

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I am currently 34 weeks almost heading into 35 weeks. It’s only 5 weeks and a bit to go for this baby unless he/she comes out soon. Finally this will be my last week at work and I am excited but sad that I will be off work for a while. As an Out of Hours Coordinator, I work with primary school age children and I am going to miss them dearly! At least I won’t have to worry so much about staff doing Continue reading »


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OMG for the last couple weeks I have been none stop cleaning, moving furniture around and doing crafty things. Everyday I am doing something either I do it when I get home from work, on the weekend or even 2am or 4am in the morning! And it has been getting worse since I have been on 2 weeks holiday but thank goodness I am back at work but not for long.

It is crazy! Yes I know it’s due to baby but Continue reading »

Time For Some Apple Picking

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Today Josh and I went to apple picking in Bilpin, NSW. We first caught up with friends and family on the way there and decided to go as one big convoy. Luckily the weather was perfect for apple picking after a night of thunder storms made it look like we needed to cancel.

It was hard to find good apples from the trees that we could reach. All the good apples are generally at the very top and being Continue reading »

Thirty Weeks How Time Flies

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I have reached thirty weeks!!!Whooohoo.


Everyone tells me that I look like I am going to pop any moment and even I feel like I am. I also feel so heavy. But here is hoping that baby will keep baking until baby is full term.


I also have been trying to plan my baby shower. Which even though is stressful, I am so looking forward too. I don’t usually like to have parties but Continue reading »