First Week Postpartum

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Still cannot shake it off that I just given birth to a beautiful baby boy Nicholas. He is amazing and so cute! Still trying to figure out what features he has from Josh and I. Though I know for a fact that Nicholas gets his thick hair from Daddy. So much hair as everyone tells us and yes I did get lots of heartburn and reflux during when I was pregnant with Nicholas.

This week has been a tough week. Not just because it was Nicholas’ first week but because Nicholas had Jaundice. Like mummy and daddy when they were babies, except my jaundice was not as bad. However when Josh had jaundice his was very severe, he even had to have a blood transfusion.

We were suppose to leave on Sunday, the day after he was born. But as they done their final checks they tested Nicholas’ bilirubin, they said it was very high and that there was no way we were going home. Because the bilirubin was quite high, Nicholas had to be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. I was so upset and confused. I did not know what to think. I knew Nicholas will be okay but I was so sad. Having to spend the nights without him, though I did get to check up on him and feed him every 2 hours. He had to be on double set of lights for light therapy (phototherapy). I was so upset and cried because I felt so hopeless and didn’t like the idea of Nicholas having to be fed top ups of formula milk along with my breastmilk. But had to be done to get lots of fluid to flush out the bilirubin in Nicholas’ system.

Nicholas also had to have a blood test every 12 hours which was also heart breaking, seeing him get jabbed in the foot to take blood out and he was crying so much.

I must admit I was having trouble with the days in the hospital. It was hard to breastfeed Nicholas and have to then feed him formula straight after. Once Nicholas was out of NICU and back into my room, I did not want to give him formula. There was no need and I did not want him to get use to it. Because he had formula, I was having bit of difficulty getting him to latch on, it would take 20 minutes to get him latched onto my breast. I was getting so upset and stressed, why was it happening? I thought it was because of me.

I hated the fact that we spent Nicholas’ first week in hospital and not at home with Daddy. I was trying not to stress too much as I know this will be hard on my body to keep producing milk.

Finally few days later, we got good news. The bilirubin levels in Nicholas was finally coming down and we no longer needed to billi uv ray mat but still had to stay another night to make sure it doesn’t climb up again or else we would have to restart the whole process again.

The next day came and finally it was all good from there. We were ready to go home and had the all clear for Nicholas. But! They checked my blood pressure for the last time and it was way too high. So high that we were not allowed to go home just yet and we had to stay another night. This time it was my fault! Great I thought and I got teary a bit as I was looking forward to be at home the three of us.

Obviously my blood pressure was high due to stress and lack of sleep but the hospital said I had to stay. They put me on high blood pressure medication to lower the blood pressure. I ha to remind myself to be calm and think positive that we will be home tomorrow! Next day my blood pressure was still on the high end but they said it was better than yesterday.

They eventually gave both of us the all clear to go home! We were finally discharged and Josh was so happy!

I wished we didn’t spend Nicholas’ first week in hospital. It would great to be at home as its only now we are all starting to settle in but I am sure it is always chaos for the first few weeks of any newborns life.