Eight Weeks Today

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Our little man turns 8 weeks today! Time is flying so fast these days and it is scary how fast our little Nicholas is growing.

We have finally got Nicholas into a routine as past 7 weeks or so we have been letting Nicholas lead his own way. I thought it was about time to start cracking into routine even if he is just 8 weeks. Some people might say it is too early while others say it’s not. I have nothing against anyone wanting to start now or later, some people even start as early as 3 weeks. It is all about what you feel is best for you and your baby. Nicholas has responded so well to the routine especially at night as he sleeps in his cot and not with Josh and I in bed.

Nicholas sleeps so well at night that he usually just needs one nighttime feed during the night and wakes up around 6am or 7am. Which is great for mummy and daddy because they get great sleep too!

I really cannot believe how big he is now. Nicholas is starting to fit into 00s clothes (3-6 months) as his feet and body are a bit too big for 000s. Last time we checked he was weighing at 5.1kgs and is 55cm long. He is becoming more of chatterbox especially at night when we read books together after his nighttime bath.

Mountain Buggy Terrain

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When I was first looking at prams early in my pregnancy with Nicholas, I was talking about either choosing the iCandy Peach Jogger or the Bugaboo Cameleon. Well guess what I got neither.

I ended up deciding on getting the Mountain Buggy Terrain and I absolutely love it (Thank you to Joshua’s parents/Nicholas’ grandparents for buying the pram as a babyshower gift). The reason I ended up going with the Mountain Buggy Terrain is that I loved the idea of being able to go out and about on pretty tough terrain and even jog with the Terrain. I went walking with it a couple of times and it was absolutely smooth no matter what type of road I was on. Not to mention the Terrain is much, much cheaper than the two I mentioned earlier.

The one thing that I was hesitant in choosing the Mountain Buggy Terrain and the reason that I was originally Continue reading »