Toilet Training Begins

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Hey all,

Josh and I have been thinking in the last couple of months “when to start Nicholas toilet training?” I have been buying pull ups and I have put him on the toilet a couple of time but something happened yesterday, that now is making us to move forward with actually starting toilet training with Nicholas. Last night, Josh began giving Nicholas a bath while I was in the other room fixing up a teepee, Josh kept complaining to me “Nicholas smells like he has done a poo” and I said “have a look, if there is nothing he is probably farting. Put him on the toilet before he does in it the bath tub!” Josh placed Nicholas on toilet but Nicholas kept pushing Josh away. Josh yelled out again “I think he is going to a poo” and I yelled back “Just put him on the toilet, trust me he might surprise you”. It went all quiet, then Josh yells “honey, come here and wipe his bum please” and I quickly ran to the bathroom. I said “OH MY GOD! Did he do a poo in the toilet? I’m so proud, Hi 5 Nicholas!” Nicholas Hi-Fived Josh and I, Nicholas said “yeay!”

Josh and I are really proud, even though we didn’t plan him to start toileting now but I guess now is better than later. Today I decided to go to Toys R Us because my friend suggested the other day to get a kids toilet seat from there and I bought the ‘Baby U Cushie Step Up’. I must say it is great toilet seat for first timers, has a nice cushion seat and easy for Nicholas to climb up onto the toilet. We tested the seat out today, Nicholas seems to be getting use to the toilet now compared to before. I kept asking if he wanted to go to toilet to do wee, he would instantly go directly to the toilet but did nothing for few times. Finally after having his night time bottle, I asked him one last time to the toilet and he went to the toilet. I helped him pull down his pull up and sat him on the toilet. He was trying to get off but I kept persisting him to stay on then he finally did a poo and a wee at the same time!

Nicholas_sitting_on_toiletNicholas on toilet while holding Xbox Controller hehe

We are ever so proud of him, he is not yet fully toilet trained but I am so thrilled that we are having a great start to toilet training! Especially at 20 months of age 🙂

For the mums and dads out there reading this, what are the ages your kids started toilet training? and How long did it take for your kids to be fully toilet trained? Couple days? Weeks? Months? or Years?