My Weight Loss Journey

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If you are around me you would know that lately I have been getting serious with my fitness. I go with my fiancé approximately five days a week, including one day spent with my awesome personal trainer, who I secretly think wants to murder me every session.

One thing I have been wanting to do lately is to keep track of my journey and keep myself committed. One way to keep myself committed is to bring a journal to each gym session to make sure I can keep track Continue reading »

Ten Inspirational Fitness Women

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Thought I would post about some of the fitness women I love to follow and that motivate me to be more healthy.

As you can see below I got to meet Jamie Eason Middleton and Amanda Latona a long time ago. I will post more once I get a chance.

Jamie Eason Middleton

Jennifer Aquino and Jamie Eason

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Rest In Peace my Ricky Boy

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The Rasnier Family - Ricky

My old childhood dog just passed away today. I received the phone call from my mum, while waiting in line at Target. My mum rang me to say that Ricky passed away today and she knew she had to call me, as both my parents know how much I loved that dog. Even though he didn’t live with me.

I couldn’t stop and I have not yet stopped crying over my Ricky. We first got him back in year 2000, a year after his birthday. I loved him at first sight but he did not like me at all. He wanted to bite me but he eventually loved me. Ricky made me feel good whenever I felt down and upset, throughout my early high school years to adult years. We use to go out for walk and run around the block. He was so strong that it felt like he was dragging me everywhere when we walked.

I remember the day Ricky met Josh, Ricky hated him and tried to bite him but Ricky would only listen to me that Josh wasn’t going to hurt me in anyway. He was like my protector. He was such a kind and loyal dog. I will never forget him and I just hope he is at a better place now. Ricky was 15 years old in human years and would of turned 16 years old this year.

I love you Ricky. Thank you for always being there especially, when I felt down and needed a lick on the face, I will never forget you. Rest In Peace Ricky Aquino.