About Jennifer

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I live in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia with my fiance, Joshua Rasnier and my gorgeous little boy Nicholas and I am of filipina (Philippine) decent.

This blog is all about my family, our special times together and to share to you anything we would like to share. I wouldn’t call this a mummy blog simply because my other half posts on this blog too.

I am a qualified Child Care teacher but if there is one thing that you learn when taking care of children is that there all unique in their own way. Your never an expert in knowing about children no matter how many qualifications or years of experience in child care you have.

My partner is half filipino (Philippines), half russian and is an expert in Information Technology dealing with all different subjects in the information technology industry. You name it he most probably does it and he even helps me with this website.

I hope you enjoy this blog and if you find any articles interesting feel free to share it.


Jennifer Aquino

About Joshua


Just thought I would let you know about me. I am computer nerd and proud of it. My job is a network engineer and I have my own professional blog http://www.joshuarasnier.com.

Some of my interests include,

  • Computers
  • Gaming
  • Fitness
  • Food


Joshua Rasnier

Jen and Josh


About Nicholas



Nicholas on Swing 12012014

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Joshua Rasnier

The king of castle or what my wife calls me the eldest child.

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