Counting down the days

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I am 35 weeks tomorrow, so hopefully baby will arrive in the next 5 weeks.

Currently on maternity leave, thank God because I have the worst sickness with sore throat and congested. I need plenty of rest before this little one comes.

I must say the latest scan of this baby looks a lot like Nicholas. Same nose, eyes and lips just like when Nicholas was a baby.

We are so excited to meet baby soon 😊

Number Two

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So it has been a very long time since we have last posted and we will begin to post more often now.

We have been very busy with our little family and finally officially got married August last year (will post photos next few days).

We just like to officially announce Josh, Nick, Ace and I will be adding to our family once again. After long time coming and few attempts, we are proud to announce baby number 2 is coming in September 2017!

We are all over the moon and very excited for this next journey of ours. Will keep you guys posted again!

Nicholas’ Celebrations Started Today

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Nicholas is almost 3 years old. This year wanted to keep celebrations low key. So quick last minute dash of organising, for today’s small quick Birthday Lunch for Nicholas.

Rasnier Family and Aquino Family combined together today to help celebrate early for Nicholas’ 3rd Birthday. This kid was in heaven with all the BYO food to share, Lolas, Lolo, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunties, Uncles, and Cousins being there, birthday cake, candles, balloons, playground, running around and presents. Seriously this kid was happy. Which makes us happy too 🙂

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Happy Mother’s Day

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Just wanted to shoutout to my Mum and say Happy Mother’s Day. She has always been there for me and everyone else in the family. Even though we dont say I love you much in the family, I know she loves us through the things she has done for us. There has been times especially teen years where we didn’t see eye to eye but I am glad we have gone passed it. It was tough but she was still there for me.

I love her cooking and miss having Filipino everyday. Since I moved out 6 years, I have learnt to cook Filipino at home for Josh and Nick. Whenever I cook, it makes me reminisce the good old days at mum and dads. I especially loved it when mum use to cook food and drop it off my house when i just gave birth to Nicholas.

She seriously does a lot and I am grateful to have mum like her. I love my mum. I appreciate everything you have done for us.

Happy Mother’s Day Mummy. Also shoutout to all mummies, nans, stepmums and mums who have adopt their kids as their owns. Hope you all have a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day.

Nicholas’ First Day Care Photo

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As some of you may know, Nicholas goes to same day care where I work at and he started going there last year. However, last year he was quite clingy and he cried so hard during the photo taking and we couldn’t get any photos done and I was so damn disappointed but this year, it’s like he was a totally different child. I kept thinking he would do the same thing this time but he proved me wrong. I am very proud of him and happy how this photo turned out. He doesn’t usually smile to others who try to take photos. Just check out our little spunky handsome kid.

Nicholas First Day Care School Photo

How much of a big boy does our little man look? Cannot believe this kid is almost 3 years old in less than a month!!!