Twenty Weeks Through Pregnancy

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Time is flying by with the pregnancy that I wish it would slow down. I am enjoying being pregnant so much. But at the same time I wish I could just have my little baby in my arms.

Last Friday we got to see little baby again with the twenty week ultrasound (pictures coming soon) and to celebrate this milestone we decided to go out to a nice and quiet lunch. We decided to go to ‘The Conservation Continue reading »

To Find Out Or Not To Find Out? That Is The Question!

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Before I was pregnant, I always said “when I become pregnant, I want to keep the gender a surprise” but now that I am half way through my pregnancy I said I want to find out. However, lately it has been on my mind to maybe keep the gender of my baby a surprise ..

The only reason why I would want to know is so I know how to decorate the nursery but Josh wants the whole room to be neutral colours. Continue reading »

The iCandy Peach or Bugaboo Cameleon

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Since the day I found out I was pregnant. I was already shopping for what I could get the little bubba and the one thing that has given me the most trouble trying to choose is the pram.

But I have been able to get it down to two choices. It’s between the popular Bugaboo Cameleon and the iCandy Peach. I have been siding on the iCandy Peach due to it being different and rare to see in public. Both Continue reading »