Nicholas’ New Discoveries At Ten Weeks Old

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I thought I would give a quick update about Nicholas so far this week.

This little cutie pie keeps surprising Josh and I with his funny quirks. He has started to discover his hands,focusing so much on his left hand . On Friday night, Nicholas was laying down on his playmat and I was laying next to him, talking to him like I usually do. Nicholas usually would just smile and smirk with few short coos here and there, but he started cooing longer! I was so shocked and surprised that he was responding, it is so cute!


Also I would like to add that this week Nicholas has discovered his hands. It’s so cute how he holds them up and looks at them, especially when he holds them up and they fall on his head because his arms get tired.

Clever boy at 10 Weeks

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I must say, our little boy Nicholas is becoming quite clever at holding his head all by himself during tummy time play.

I try to get Nicholas to do tummy time at least 10-20 minutes each day just to prepare him for crawling later on and always to strengthen his muscles.

Josh and I have noticed for few days now that Nicholas tends to make this noise, which sounds like half a laugh. We are hoping to hear our little boy giggle in the coming weeks, which will be so exciting to hear! Josh and I try our best to make him laugh and smile all the time when Nicholas is up even if Nicholas can stay up for a couple of hours a time during the day. Nicholas is so funny and cheeky smiling at you when you are not looking and has a serious face sometimes when you look at him then smiles with delight.

Last couple days we have also notice that Nicholas likes mirrors now, he now smiles at times when he sees himself in the mirror and loves to look at himself for a long time. Cannot wait for next weeks to come for more interesting and wonder things that Nicholas will develop.

Nicholas at Two Months

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Such a cheeky smile! This was taken while he thought it was funny when I was yawning.

Nicholas is now 2 months and it has been 9 weeks now since he came into this world. He has progressed very well so far. I’m especially proud of him going back to sleep in his feeds during the night without a hassle!

He is currently going through another growth spurt. I have noticed it yesterday as he has been quite fussy when eating and sleeping longer during the day. Before he was able to stay 2-3 hrs and sleep 2-3hrs, now can only stay upto 1-2 hrs and sleep for 4 hours. He has also been extending his feeds during the day but I try to give him a feed every 3 hrs during the day just so he doesn’t become dehydrated.

I don’t like it when he goes through these growth spurts, only because when things settle into place, it changes when growth spurts start then I have to rearrange his routine. Really hoping this spurt doesn’t last too long.

We saw baby nurse the other day to get Nicholas measured. He weighs almost 6kgs now and is 59cm tall. He is getting bigger by the minute!

Eight Weeks Today

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Our little man turns 8 weeks today! Time is flying so fast these days and it is scary how fast our little Nicholas is growing.

We have finally got Nicholas into a routine as past 7 weeks or so we have been letting Nicholas lead his own way. I thought it was about time to start cracking into routine even if he is just 8 weeks. Some people might say it is too early while others say it’s not. I have nothing against anyone wanting to start now or later, some people even start as early as 3 weeks. It is all about what you feel is best for you and your baby. Nicholas has responded so well to the routine especially at night as he sleeps in his cot and not with Josh and I in bed.

Nicholas sleeps so well at night that he usually just needs one nighttime feed during the night and wakes up around 6am or 7am. Which is great for mummy and daddy because they get great sleep too!

I really cannot believe how big he is now. Nicholas is starting to fit into 00s clothes (3-6 months) as his feet and body are a bit too big for 000s. Last time we checked he was weighing at 5.1kgs and is 55cm long. He is becoming more of chatterbox especially at night when we read books together after his nighttime bath.