Nicholas at Two Months

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Such a cheeky smile! This was taken while he thought it was funny when I was yawning.

Nicholas is now 2 months and it has been 9 weeks now since he came into this world. He has progressed very well so far. I’m especially proud of him going back to sleep in his feeds during the night without a hassle!

He is currently going through another growth spurt. I have noticed it yesterday as he has been quite fussy when eating and sleeping longer during the day. Before he was able to stay 2-3 hrs and sleep 2-3hrs, now can only stay upto 1-2 hrs and sleep for 4 hours. He has also been extending his feeds during the day but I try to give him a feed every 3 hrs during the day just so he doesn’t become dehydrated.

I don’t like it when he goes through these growth spurts, only because when things settle into place, it changes when growth spurts start then I have to rearrange his routine. Really hoping this spurt doesn’t last too long.

We saw baby nurse the other day to get Nicholas measured. He weighs almost 6kgs now and is 59cm tall. He is getting bigger by the minute!

My Pregnancy Dislikes So Far

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So couple days before I found out I was pregnant, I thought I had the flu or something, due to lack of eating and feeling sick. Constantly felt nausea throughout the days until I did the pregnancy test because I was only couple days late and the screams of joy when it was positive.

The morning sickness got worse and worse, vomiting throughout the day and night, having to stop the car to vomit on Continue reading »

The My Kitchen Rules Effect

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My Kitchen Rules Tom Carr and Carla Mangion

Jennifer and I have been watching ‘My Kitchen Rules’ daily since it started four weeks ago and we love it.

So far we have been falling for the whole drama of the show, following those who do good and hating those that are drama queens such as Peter and Gary, Thomas and Carla. It’s amazing how the producers can make us love and hate people so much.

One thing we have noticed Continue reading »