Mountain Buggy Terrain

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When I was first looking at prams early in my pregnancy with Nicholas, I was talking about either choosing the iCandy Peach Jogger or the Bugaboo Cameleon. Well guess what I got neither.

I ended up deciding on getting the Mountain Buggy Terrain and I absolutely love it (Thank you to Joshua’s parents/Nicholas’ grandparents for buying the pram as a babyshower gift). The reason I ended up going with the Mountain Buggy Terrain is that I loved the idea of being able to go out and about on pretty tough terrain and even jog with the Terrain. I went walking with it a couple of times and it was absolutely smooth no matter what type of road I was on. Not to mention the Terrain is much, much cheaper than the two I mentioned earlier.

The one thing that I was hesitant in choosing the Mountain Buggy Terrain and the reason that I was originally Continue reading »