My Weight Loss Journey

If you are around me you would know that lately I have been getting serious with my fitness. I go with my fiancé approximately five days a week, including one day spent with my awesome personal trainer, who I secretly think wants to murder me every session.

One thing I have been wanting to do lately is to keep track of my journey and keep myself committed. One way to keep myself committed is to bring a journal to each gym session to make sure I can keep track

and force myself to push myself further with each session, as well as keeping track of what I eat with MyFitnessPal, another reason which I have been dreading is to keep a photo journal.

Now I have taken the big jump and decided that the best way to keep myself committed is to post my photo journal on here, my family blog. As you can see below I have placed three photos. Note that these are not at the very start of my journey. I hope to be able to find some good ones from the very start that I can post in the future.

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