Ten Inspirational Fitness Women

Thought I would post about some of the fitness women I love to follow and that motivate me to be more healthy.

As you can see below I got to meet Jamie Eason Middleton and Amanda Latona a long time ago. I will post more once I get a chance.

Jamie Eason Middleton

Jennifer Aquino and Jamie Eason

Jenna Renee

Image credit to: imgur

Ashley Kaltwasser

Image credit to: tumblr

Amanda Latona

Jennifer Aquino and Amanda Latona

Paige Hathaway

Image credit to: PaigeHathaway.com

Heidi Somers

Image credit to: Heidi Somers’ Twitter

Michelle Lewin

Nikki Blackketter

Image credit to: BlondevsWorld Tumblr

Jessica Arevalo

Image credit to: BeautyMuscle

Jessie Hilgenberg

Image credit to: BeautyMuscle

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