Admitted to hospital last night

Yes I ended up in hospital after thinking last couple of hours was not right. I thought it was just really bad morning sickness coming back til I realised I was shivering from being so cold even it was a little warm. I had headaches, felt dizzy and felt like every time I was stand up that I wanted to faint. I called my midwives to let them know what is going on, they told me to keep an eye on baby’s movements and keep taking temperature to see if it goes down, if not call again and to let them know I will come in straight away. I went to bed that Wednesday night and took panadol, thinking I will be okay. Throughout that night, I could not sleep! I kept waking up shivering! I kept waking up every hour throughout the night and vomited a few times and had little sleep. I took my temperature and it was almost at 40. Took more panadol and go one hour sleep before waking up for work.

It was morning, woke up at 5am to get ready for work, I took shower and took some panadol and felt a lot better than I did yesterday. I got dressed and off to work I went. My temperature went a little down but not much.

One hour into work, the sickness came back. I thought “great, something is up and looks like I will be going into hospital to get checked out now!” I had to get stuff ready for my other staff or else they would have no clue what to do, so I hurried up set up the tasks for them and had Josh on standby near my work because I had a slight feeling I needed to go into hospital sooner or later today.

I called my midwife and said “I think I better come in before I faint” and they told me to come in right away!

I got there got a CTG hooked up to my belly to monitor babies heart rate and oh my goodness his heart rate was pretty high! Above 180bpm.. I started to cry because I was so worried. So worried because baby’s heart rate was bit high but same time I wanted to try and calm down so baby would be calm too but baby was distressed. I was not ready to give birth now and midwives of course would freak me out by saying make sure if I get any contractions or have fluid gashing out down there, to let them know asap!

I was dehydrated due to vomiting all night and I did try to eat that morning but not much and I ate because I knew I had to because of me feeling ill. The doctors and nurses could not find my damn vein and have been stabbing and jabbing needles into me constantly but because of my poor veins and being dehydrated it was so hard for them to get it right, so they called in the anesthesiologist to find a vein so they could hook up some drip into me because I couldn’t hold any food down. Finally he found it and got it right! Yeah! So I had 4 bags of drip and baby’s heartrate was slowly dropping down to normal rate but still not quite there yet.

I was told to stay the night because baby was distressed and my temperature still hasn’t gone down yet. I was freaking out and was crying because I wish here and I felt bad because I did not know how I got sick and poor baby is unwell because of me! Josh went home and got me PJs, change of clothes and some snacks in my hospital bag (that I will be using when I really go into labour). Got to love Josh and he is always there for support for baby and I. I love him! Josh and I hate being apart, even if it is just one night hence why I could not sleep that well plus been injected with antibiotics every 6 hours was not fun either but I was starting to feel a lot better than I was before.

Morning came, ate a crappy breakfast and after breaky had to get ultrasound scan down to see how baby is going. Baby looked very good and bigger than last time I saw baby. Baby’s heart rate was down and back to normal thank goodness! I was told there is quite a lot of fluid surrounding baby. Doctors said it is good thing nothing bad or unusual.

I was waitng to go home but I had no word yet just more antibiotics being injected again, had lunch (yukk) and had a shower afterwards. After shower I had a nap. around the late afternoon, doctors came in and said I was good to go home today! I asked them what was wrong and they said I must of caught a viral infection, flu or some sort they weren’t hundred percent sure (very reassuring lol) but they said baby is fine now you can go and you will have a follow up in 4 weeks. I was soooo glad to be going home!

I was going nuts especially if I was only there because I ill and baby was ill. I wish it was because I was having the baby already lol. I just have to wait another 13 weeks!



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