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Four months ago, I started on my birth plan. I want a natural birth with no drugs but I know it won’t always go to plan. I have been told you come in thinking you want no drugs but when it happens, you will change your mind or you end up having an emergency C-Section.

As I first started typing up a birth plan I was so ever nervous and scared of the thought of giving birth. I always wanted to be a young mum and I was thinking back then why am I pregnant? But now my thoughts of giving birth has changed. I am waiting, I am wanting to give birth and thinking how great the feeling will be when the contractions start. I am not being sarcastic here, I really cannot wait. I’m so excited and I have never been so excited before about something. I am a little nervous but who isn’t nervous about giving birth.

I honestly cannot wait to meet our little girl or little man.

About the birth plan, I never knew that are so many options about birth. I use to think if you are having a vaginal birth that you had to lay on your back or sit up and just push. I use to think that water birth was a little odd but I am actually considering it after learning more about it at our antenatal classes that we attended. I honestly do not want any drugs, no gas, no injections, no epidural unless I need emergency C-Section. Epidural just makes the process of labour longer! I want to experience everything without drugs and be able to concentrate and I know I won’t be able to concentrate with the drugs plus I am scared it will make baby drowsy on drugs. I may sound crazy but I am dead set serious about this. I will however have gas, if I really need it but that’s about all the drugs I want. You may think I am crazy but hey everyone is different when it comes to birth. The following is my birth plan for vaginal birth.

Jen’s birth plan:

  • Josh to be present during labour and be with me at all times
  • Have music played, massage oils and dim the lights to make calming environment
  • Take some photos and film labour
  • Use the birthing pool/tub
  • For pain relief: try the following acupressure, bath/shower, breathing techniques, massage, gas and air (Entonox). However if these techniques do not work, I will try Pethidine or Morphine but I really do not want epidural unless I am having an emergency c-section.
  • Once baby is born and no complications, I would like to have skin to skin contact right away for at least 1 hour and keep baby’s umbilical cord attached until umbilical cord has fully drain to get all the nutrients for baby, then we would like Josh to cut the cord.
  • I also would like to try breastfeeding baby right away.

I cannot believe I have just 5 weeks to go. Josh believes I will be going when I hit 37 weeks but I think at 38 weeks. We shall see when little bubba feels like he or she is ready to come out.

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