Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It doesn’t sound very appealing does it? Well according to my GP I have ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’ in my right hand. For weeks now during this pregnancy, I always wake up with a dead right hand. I Googled about it weeks before and apparently it is common during pregnancy that women will develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by an increase in fluid causing swelling around the channel of nerves (the carpal tunnel) in your wrist, leading to tingling, pain, numbness and lack of coordination in your fingers and hands (Read more: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

Hip hip horray! Not .. this is the only thing I dislike about pregnancy. Constantly waking up with pins and needles in my hand, my fingers every now and then feeling numbness and my palm of my hand hurts everytime I try to do simple task like brush my hair, type on computer, carry things or use my right hand for any simple task. I am glad it doesn’t hurt every single minute or every single time I do something. It only hurts half the time, however it is hurting right now. Lol.

I know that as soon as I give birth, that the pain will slowly decrease and become no more but my GP said if it doesn’t, then nerve tests will have to be done but I am sure that I am only having it due my pregnancy.

Has anyone else who has ever been pregnant had this problem? My mum said she never had it. If you did have it, what did you do to help it? Physio? Massage?

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