Happy Mother’s Day


Just wanted to shoutout to my Mum and say Happy Mother’s Day. She has always been there for me and everyone else in the family. Even though we dont say I love you much in the family, I know she loves us through the things she has done for us. There has been times especially teen years where we didn’t see eye to eye but I am glad we have gone passed it. It was tough but she was still there for me.

I love her cooking and miss having Filipino everyday. Since I moved out 6 years, I have learnt to cook Filipino at home for Josh and Nick. Whenever I cook, it makes me reminisce the good old days at mum and dads. I especially loved it when mum use to cook food and drop it off my house when i just gave birth to Nicholas.

She seriously does a lot and I am grateful to have mum like her. I love my mum. I appreciate everything you have done for us.

Happy Mother’s Day Mummy. Also shoutout to all mummies, nans, stepmums and mums who have adopt their kids as their owns. Hope you all have a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day.

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