OMG for the last couple weeks I have been none stop cleaning, moving furniture around and doing crafty things. Everyday I am doing something either I do it when I get home from work, on the weekend or even 2am or 4am in the morning! And it has been getting worse since I have been on 2 weeks holiday but thank goodness I am back at work but not for long.

It is crazy! Yes I know it’s due to baby but seriously I am constantly doing something .. I shouldn’t complain but it is pretty funny when I start vacuuming early in the morning and poor Josh wakes up and tells me “go to bed!”

I have so much energy.. Putting some bits and pieces for the nursery and moving furniture around the other bedrooms .. Some people think it is odd that I have so much energy when I should be so tired especially how I almost close to the end! But I just cannot help myself. I cannot wait for this baby to be here!

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