New Year Resolutions 2015


Been thinking about this whole ‘New Year Resolutions’ and I must admit that I don’t follow through with them and fail. I guess I set myself to fail. But I guess I must keep jump on the bandwagon and keep trying with these New Year Resolutions.
For the Year of 2015, my New Year Resolutions as follows:

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  • lose weight but I would like to gain muscle and have a better core strength
  • be more organised (let’s see how that goes, just go with the flow and not stress too much on it)
  • save save save! (who is with me on this? I am sure you all have the same problem, don’t lie!)
  • plan and focus for wedding next year (should really start something with wedding)
  • relax and stress less about everything. I seriously need to stop stressing over every little thing. I am such a hot headed person, ask Joshua and he will tell you what I am like hehe).


My 2015 New Years Resolutions are pretty simple and not much to them,

  • Save money, organise a budget. I would like to one day have a large investment portfolio.
  • Be more organised and neat.
  • Invest in myself further. (Courses, Books, Webinars)
  • Say no more often. (Don’t overburden by taking too much on at one time)
  • Learn advanced programming. (I know basics of programming)
  • Work on CCNP.
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