Pregnancy Worries

Sorry everyone it has been a while since I have last blogged. I have been a little busy with work as well as trying to look after myself with this little bubba of ours.

I must say it has been a little hectic with the last couple of weeks, been feeling anxious and nervous about our little bubba. Reason I have been feeling like this because I have been feeling little bubba hasn’t been moving much at all and making little movements only. Which was making me so worried for the last couple weeks. When I was 17-18 weeks pregnant, little bubba was jumping and moving around a lot but the last week or so, little one hasn’t been doing much.

So like any worrying soon2b mum, I worried but I didnt want to worry too much because little one was probably just turned around to make it difficult to detect the kicks like I did the other week. I was getting very bad cramping and jabbing pains in my belly and wasnt sure what it was. My partner just thought it was my belly stretching or me having braxton hicks but I am a little early for having them at this stage. So I called the midwife twice when I kept having jabbing pains, which were happening for two days straight and kept using my heat pack to calm the pain down. The midwives told me it could be just my tummy stretching for the baby to grow or it may be braxton hicks as you could can get them pretty early or late. But I think it was just stretching, the midwives said if you are still very worried, to go visit my GP as my next appointment at the hospital wasn’t til end of next month.

So I was trying to wait out the pain as it wasn’t that painful, but just bearable pain. Still trying my hardest to calculate the kicks of baby. Then I would only get just 10 or little less kicks per day. Then few days past, and the kicks got less and less. So finally today I went to go see my GP as I was starting to worry a little bit more.

My GP got the doppler out and was able to hear a perfect speedy heartbeat of our darling little baby. And sighed with relieve that everything was okay and that I was worrying over nothing. My GP said keep on keeping track of the kicks and if it less than 10 every day then we will get ultrasound to see whats going on but sounds all good in there.

I think our little bubba is just trying to give me a heartattack and make me stressed out. Funny thing is for the past hour of typing this blog, little bubba has been kicking a little harder than he did within the last few weeks. Little bubba is playing games with us and making us both worried. I think he takes after dad because of that.

Even if I was so hesitant to call my midwives or see my GP, I still did it even if I felt silly and stupid. I am sure they get this things every day and probably use to it. Though I really don’t want to be one of those mums who worry about the little things over and over again.

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