Thirty Four Weeks Pregnant And Finishing Work This Week!

I am currently 34 weeks almost heading into 35 weeks. It’s only 5 weeks and a bit to go for this baby unless he/she comes out soon. Finally this will be my last week at work and I am excited but sad that I will be off work for a while. As an Out of Hours Coordinator, I work with primary school age children and I am going to miss them dearly! At least I won’t have to worry so much about staff doing what they have to do, organising and programming children’s everyday activities. Just the other day one of the children said to me “Ms Jen, I am going to miss you when you go but you are coming back right? with your baby? you could bring your baby in here with us and we could look after him or her”. It was so sweet and made me have a tear in my eye. I love these children as if they were my own even though sometimes they do my head in but I love them to bits!

When I come back, I will be definitely bringing my baby in for care. It’s one of the benefits I have working with children and it will be great as I can be with little bubb, when they need me.

My feelings lately: I have noticed that my braxton hicks have been getting a little stronger and more noticeable than before. I usually wake up with it sometimes in early hours of the day, which sometimes makes me nervous thinking it’s time! Hehe then I feel disappointed because it isn’t time yet 🙁

I have to be patient and wait for this baby, when he or she wants to come out. I will be full term in less than two weeks and I am so excited! Josh cannot wait either, he wishes our little bubba will arrive soon and healthy! It is funny because little bubba is moving alot and sometimes makes it harder for me to get up when I lay down. I can usually feel their bum or feet under my right ribcage, which makes it also hard to breathe and my asthma flares up because of little bubba.



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