Thirty Weeks How Time Flies

I have reached thirty weeks!!!Whooohoo.


Everyone tells me that I look like I am going to pop any moment and even I feel like I am. I also feel so heavy. But here is hoping that baby will keep baking until baby is full term.


I also have been trying to plan my baby shower. Which even though is stressful, I am so looking forward too. I don’t usually like to have parties but if there was any time to have one. Then having a little bundle of joy is a very good reason for one.


Today I went in for my next antenatal appointment at the hospital. My tummy was measured as usual but this time it was measured big! I mean the fundal height (a measure of the size of the uterus used to assess fetal growth and development) was a little more than it should be and had me measuring at 34-35 weeks instead of 30 weeks, hence why I look so massive at this stage. I was told when I was admitted in hospital last month, that I had a lot of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Now I feel I have a lot more this time. I don’t have gestational diabetes or anything else wrong, so far pregnancy has been very good to me.


So I am going for a ultrasound end of next week to see how baby is, the position baby is in and if everything is all ok down there. Then I will have my next antenatal appointment 2 weeks from today. I am sure it is nothing and everything is fine. Has anyone been in this situation? having so much amniotic fluid surrounding baby?


Thirty Weeks Pregnant Out and About

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