To Find Out Or Not To Find Out? That Is The Question!


Before I was pregnant, I always said “when I become pregnant, I want to keep the gender a surprise” but now that I am half way through my pregnancy I said I want to find out. However, lately it has been on my mind to maybe keep the gender of my baby a surprise ..

The only reason why I would want to know is so I know how to decorate the nursery but Josh wants the whole room to be neutral colours. And I have said to him many times “BORING!!”. It needs colour and I don’t want to put yellows as a theme colour yukk (no offense to those who like yellow just having everything yellow is boring lol).

My boss doesn’t even want to know what I am having yet, she thinks we should keep it to ourselves plus she said “don’t tell anyone, especially not me or else you are fired!” (jokingly off course or at least I hope so).

So my question is to you guys, would you want to know the sex of your baby or keep it a secret? Let me know your thoughts.

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