Twenty Four Weeks Pregnancy Progress Picture

Thought I would update you guys, with a tummy picture.

A lot of people have been saying that I have been showing heaps more this week. But I believe I have been showing for a long time, even at end of first trimester I was showing. But it was most probably due to what I would wearing when I saw those people.

As you can see my tummy is very round. But I have not had my belly button pop and I don’t believe it will. Luckily also I do not have any stretch marks that I can see. As I have been using ‘‘Mango Body Butter by The Body Shop’all over my belly and body.

Baby has also been kicking much harder this week. Josh was able to feel the kicking properly this week. Previous times he was not able to tell if the baby kicked or not.

Twenty Four Weeks Pregnancy Picture

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