My Pregnancy Dislikes So Far

So couple days before I found out I was pregnant, I thought I had the flu or something, due to lack of eating and feeling sick. Constantly felt nausea throughout the days until I did the pregnancy test because I was only couple days late and the screams of joy when it was positive.

The morning sickness got worse and worse, vomiting throughout the day and night, having to stop the car to vomit on side of the highway (thank goodness never in the car). Morning sickness kept happening until 13 weeks, where it stopped completely and I got my appetite back. Phew! I thought, thinking my morning sickness would never end.

I always thought that I would be on of those pregnant women where it just comes then goes away and never comes back. Oh how I was wrong! For couple weeks now, my morning sickness has been back. At first, I only been feeling sick but never vomiting but vomiting started since Wednesday!

Omg! Great! No I don’t want it back. Why couldn’t I be those lucky ones that had no morning sickness what so ever? I guess to me morning sickness is a good sign. Good sign in a way to show that our little bundle of joy is growing healthily in my tummy 🙂

Last Wednesday, finally had my glucose tolerance test (GTT) for diabetes. Omg do I hate needles and that sugar drink! Disgusting! Take blood out when you arrive and drink the sugar drink. Some people say they like the drink but I hated it and I really wanted to vomit it out once I drank it. But of course you can’t yet after 2 hours.

I was so bored and irritated for 2 hours, I wanted to go for walk but you are not so suppose to move around a lot either! How crappy! Thank goodness this only happens once unless they detect anything abnormal in the blood due to diabetes, then you have to do the proper 3 hour test. Midwife said I will get a call of any issues but if there’s nothing, then no call. So far, so good with no calls. Fingers crossed!

Has anyone else had issues with morning sickness or if they got gestational diabetes? How did you handle it? Did you stick to your controlled diet til birth?

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