Happy Eleven Year Anniversary

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Just wanted to dedicate this post to Josh and I. Some of you might know this but Josh and I have been together for 11 wonderful years (on and off lol) and still going on strong.

Whoever thought anyone could fall hard in love so young, I know definitely Josh and I have. I am so grateful and lucky to have a loving and caring guy in my life. He still surprises me every time, even with the littlest things like today. Josh took the day off without telling me and made me think he was just going to work but instead bought me lovely flowers while I was still asleep. Gotta love my man.

For the day all three of us went out to eat waffles at Max Brenner then back home cooked a lovely dinner together, which we hardly ever get to do as Josh comes home late from work. We will do more celebrating on the weekend as the weather was a bit hectic today so hot with rain later in the day.


Some of you keep asking “you guys been together for so long, when is the wedding?”, before we were trying for baby, I wanted to get married after baby was born and now that Nicholas has arrived, we will marry soon enough lol but don’t hold your breath for too long!