Nicholas’ First Day Care Photo

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As some of you may know, Nicholas goes to same day care where I work at and he started going there last year. However, last year he was quite clingy and he cried so hard during the photo taking and we couldn’t get any photos done and I was so damn disappointed but this year, it’s like he was a totally different child. I kept thinking he would do the same thing this time but he proved me wrong. I am very proud of him and happy how this photo turned out. He doesn’t usually smile to others who try to take photos. Just check out our little spunky handsome kid.

Nicholas First Day Care School Photo

How much of a big boy does our little man look? Cannot believe this kid is almost 3 years old in less than a month!!!

The Train Shed

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Nicholas has been growing up and one of the things he now absolutely loves are trains. So why not take him to the Train Shed, located in Western Sydney?

We got to go, just before they sadly closed down in October and even though he doesn’t look like he is enjoying it in the photos. He absolutely had a ball.

The Train Shed 1 Josh and Nicholas

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