Thirty-Eight Weeks – So Close, Hopefully Not Far

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For the following post, sorry for too much information about my pregnancy lol.

I have less then two weeks to my due date. EDD (Estimated Due Date) is 7th June 2012 though I have a feeling that it is coming close!

For past few weeks I have been on and off losing my mucus plug, very strong braxton hicks to the point where I thought I was in labour. Yes I know mucus plug is only a indicator that labour can happen within the next couple weeks but does not tell you when exactly as some people say it takes weeks and some lucky people say days.

However, the past few days throughout the night and during day too been traveling to the toilet every 3-5 minutes to pee, which normally I do every 15 minutes (baby must be sitting even more on my bladder), baby has dropped further down, so difficult to walk with all the pressure pain due to baby being engaged and ready, bad lower back pains (which I haven’t had since the start of pregnancy) and early this morning I found that I have started to have the ‘bloody show’. All morning I have been having light cramps, now it changed to mild cramps and with bit of pain but it is bearable at this stage.

I am so ready! Josh and I have been waiting for so long! I am waiting for those big hard contractions to start. Well hopefully I have big hard contractions that way I know I am in labour. As I have heard stories about silent labour and expected mums having no clue that they are in labour till it is too late. I started having light contractions on and off yesterday, got so excited then it stopped and I was sad and emotional because I really want to meet our little one. I am happy and excited right now, I can feel that it is coming close! I shall keep you all updated, though don’t blame me if I take awhile. 🙂

Thirty Weeks How Time Flies

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I have reached thirty weeks!!!Whooohoo.


Everyone tells me that I look like I am going to pop any moment and even I feel like I am. I also feel so heavy. But here is hoping that baby will keep baking until baby is full term.


I also have been trying to plan my baby shower. Which even though is stressful, I am so looking forward too. I don’t usually like to have parties but Continue reading »