Twenty Four Weeks Pregnancy Progress Picture

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Thought I would update you guys, with a tummy picture.

A lot of people have been saying that I have been showing heaps more this week. But I believe I have been showing for a long time, even at end of first trimester I was showing. But it was most probably due to what I would wearing when I saw those people.

As you can see my tummy is very round. But I have not had my belly button pop and I don’t Continue reading »

Life Is Great

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Before reading on, be warned of too much information that goes into this blog post lol.

I am really loving life at the moment and I know it is only just gonna get even better. I am grateful more with my life then last couple years.

It has been hectic for the last couple of years, since moving out of home into our place in June 2009 it was awesome. Then my health got the better of me and I didn’t Continue reading »

Pregnancy Worries

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Sorry everyone it has been a while since I have last blogged. I have been a little busy with work as well as trying to look after myself with this little bubba of ours.

I must say it has been a little hectic with the last couple of weeks, been feeling anxious and nervous about our little bubba. Reason I have been feeling like this because I have been feeling little bubba hasn’t Continue reading »

Pictures Of My Bundle Of Joy

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Here are the ultrasound pictures that I have been promising everyone of my bundle of joy. I just cannot wait until I have my bubba in my arms. Though when the little bubba comes I bet I will miss being pregnant.

Baby Seven Weeks

Baby At Seven Weeks

[caption id=”attachment_59″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ caption=”Baby Continue reading »

To Find Out Or Not To Find Out? That Is The Question!

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Before I was pregnant, I always said “when I become pregnant, I want to keep the gender a surprise” but now that I am half way through my pregnancy I said I want to find out. However, lately it has been on my mind to maybe keep the gender of my baby a surprise ..

The only reason why I would want to know is so I know how to decorate the nursery but Josh wants the whole room to be neutral colours. Continue reading »