Time For Some Apple Picking

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Today Josh and I went to apple picking in Bilpin, NSW. We first caught up with friends and family on the way there and decided to go as one big convoy. Luckily the weather was perfect for apple picking after a night of thunder storms made it look like we needed to cancel.

It was hard to find good apples from the trees that we could reach. All the good apples are generally at the very top and being Continue reading »

Admitted to hospital last night

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Yes I ended up in hospital after thinking last couple of hours was not right. I thought it was just really bad morning sickness coming back til I realised I was shivering from being so cold even it was a little warm. I had headaches, felt dizzy and felt like every time I was stand up that I wanted to faint. I called my midwives to let them know what is going on, they told me to keep an eye on baby’s Continue reading »

Pregnancy Worries

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Sorry everyone it has been a while since I have last blogged. I have been a little busy with work as well as trying to look after myself with this little bubba of ours.

I must say it has been a little hectic with the last couple of weeks, been feeling anxious and nervous about our little bubba. Reason I have been feeling like this because I have been feeling little bubba hasn’t Continue reading »

Twenty Weeks Through Pregnancy

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Time is flying by with the pregnancy that I wish it would slow down. I am enjoying being pregnant so much. But at the same time I wish I could just have my little baby in my arms.

Last Friday we got to see little baby again with the twenty week ultrasound (pictures coming soon) and to celebrate this milestone we decided to go out to a nice and quiet lunch. We decided to go to ‘The Conservation Continue reading »